On Homework (and Patience)

I think God is working on my patience right now. We’re in the third week of school and the 10 year old has started getting homework. Unfortunately, he is as disorganized as I can be at times and forgot to bring his homework home. Tonight was back-to-school night, so he asked me to bring his strings folder home so he could do his homework. Okay. It would have been better if he’d remembered it himself, but I didn’t have a problem getting it for him. There was a problem, though. He had neglected to mention that he also had word study homework that he’s supposed to do a portion of each night and turn in on Friday. I brought that home, too, and he wasn’t happy about it. He insisted that his teacher said he could do it all Thursday night. She does collect it on Fridays, but her intent is not for them to do all of it on one night. So I had him do Monday’s portion of the word study as well as his violin. Wow, you’d have thought I had asked him to read “War and Peace”. He spent more time complaining that he was bored than he actually spent doing the work. I managed to keep an even temper throughout the process and he finally finished it, took his shower, and went to bed. At least he didn’t complain about having to take a shower. And he used shampoo. And he wasn’t reading under the covers with a flashlight when I checked on him.

Hopefully every night isn’t as much of a struggle as tonight was.

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