There’s an App for That!

I had no idea how much I would enjoy having an iPad until mine came in the mail two days ago. It’s my electronic brain. I’m a “write it down” kinda gal, but I’m very inconsistent with a notebook. I can take notes on my iPad and organize them into an electronic file cabinet. I can use it for my calendar, to do lists, and prayer journal. It has several Bible translations as well as my Bible reading plan. I’ve had it in the kitchen with me so that I can watch Netflix while I cook dinner and clean the kitchen. It’s wonderful!!! There are so many things I haven’t tried yet. I want to load all my digital scrapbook pages so that I can look at my albums anywhere. I’m getting ready to load a recipe manager & meal planner to help get my cooking organized. I may even try an app that will allow me to put my Flylady routines on my iPad. Oh, and did I mention the games? Can I say once again that I love this thing? (I even downloaded the WordPress App and I’m writing this blog post on my iPad!!) Ok, I’m off to browse the App store and see what else is out there! Have a wonderful day!

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