LOM 2011 Recap and my 2012 EQ

 If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember that I took Stacy Julian’s Finding Photo Freedom class at Big Picture Classes this summer. I was somewhat hesitant about the class because it focused on setting up a Library of Memories – a very non-chronological approach to scrapbooking. Well, I took the plunge and I love it!! I adore having my layouts grouped by topic rather than by date. I haven’t fully committed yet to the categories I chose during the class, which means that my  topic separators aren’t pretty – just a bunch of sticky notes. I’m okay with that, though. Eventually, I’ll take another look at it, make some decisions, then make some pretty dividers for the albums. Right now, I’d rather focus on making pages to go into the albums.

One of the things we had to do at the beginning of Finding Photo Freedom was to define our EQ, or Enough Quotient for memory keeping. I posted that EQ on my old blog. Today, I’m going to revisit my June 2011 EQ and see how successful I was doing what I set out to do. Using what I learned from living with that EQ, and incorporating the 2012 photo/scrap goals that I wrote about yesterday, I’m going to reveal my initial 2102 EQ. I’m calling it an initial EQ, because it’s based on the time I forsee having this year to devote to memory keeping. If my circumstances or priorities change, then my EQ should change accordingly.

This is what I said would be enough – and my follow-through:

  • Weekly: (1) Spend 15 minutes, 5 times a week working with my photos. Nope. I got all of my photos imported into Lightroom and tagged with the month/year, then pretty much stalled. That’s the extent to which I’ve tagged my new photos, also. It was a huge task just importing all of the photos, so I’m pretty happy with my progress, however I really want to get the photos tagged so that I can be more deliberate about making layouts. (2) Scrap 2-3 pages. I didn’t keep track of how many layouts I made, but I think it was probably closer to 5-6 layouts per month. (3) Import and tag 5 digital scrapbooking products. I imported all of my “good” digital scrapbooking products into Lightroom and tagged the previews. Although I’d like to have all my supplies tagged eventually, I realized that having each individual paper and element tagged isn’t terribly important to me. As long as I can search for kits by theme and can find other things like alphas and stitches, I’m pretty happy.
  • Monthly: (1) Scrap a “monthly highlights” page. I didn’t make even one of these, and I’m not sure I care. (2) Scrap 1 non-event page per person (included in weekly layouts). I don’t think I did one every month, but I did make a few. They’re some of my favorite pages – I definitely want to keep making these.
  • This Year: (1) Get LOM albums set up and completed layouts (paper and digital) in albums. This does not include the layouts I have in CM albums. Success! My LOM albums are set up and all of my completed digital pages are printed and in the albums (except for the few I’ve made in the last month) as well as all of my older non-CM paper pages. (2) Store albums in living area of house so that they are easy to access and view. I couldn’t figure out where to put the albums so that they would be in the living area of the house and easy to pull out and view. I compromised, for now, and have them on a shelf in the computer/craft room. Since all of us spend a fair amount of time in that room, it’s a pretty good place for the albums.
  • Home: Put family photos on wall in living room. I cleared off the shelves in the living room and bought a dozen or so matching frames from Ikea. However, that’s as far as I got. I stalled because I don’t have my photos starred, yet. This project will have to carry over into 2012. 
  • Online: (1) Figure out where to put layouts/photos online for easy extended family viewing. Fail. I think that sending my family (2) Blog more often about life in general. Fail. Honestly, I’m not sure that I’m really cut out to blog on a regular basis and I’m not sure it’s all that important as a part of my memory-keeping, either.

What’s enough in 2012:

  • Weekly: (1) Spend 15 minutes, 4 times a week working with my pictures. Take photos off cameras weekly and spend time with older photos. (2) Scrap 2 pages – 2 good pages telling an inspired story. (3) Import completed layouts into Lightroom and tag them; upload to be printed. (3) Import new digital scrapbooking supplies into Lightroom and tag previews. (4) Spend 10 minutes a week tagging alphas. (5) Sync small EHD with backup drive and make sure they’re backing up online.
  • Monthly: (1) Take my ‘120’ photos. Each month I want to take one good photo of us as a family, Sean and I as a couple, and each of us individually. (2) Do a monthly roundup. (3) Make my Move More Eat Well layout. (3) Focus on one scrapbooking/photo class. I think I’ll probably need to focus on Twelve from January through March. After that, I’d like to work through the older classes I purchased and haven’t completed. (4) Complete the monthly prompts for my One Little Word album.
  • This Year: (1) I’d like to do A Week in the Life once in 2012. (2) Make a layout about my New 52 experiences.
  • Home: Fill the frames in the living room with family photos.
  • Online: Post my monthly roundups on my blog.

One thing that I didn’t include in my EQ is the SSD Portfolio. I may use the prompts there and from the 2012 Log Your Memory Challenge Book to inspire some of my layouts, but I’m not going to be upset if I don’t complete the portfolios or do the LYM challenges.

I’d also like to reduce the number of unused (purchased) kits in my stash by 4 each month. I’m not going to include this in my EQ, though, because I want my layouts to be focused on inspured storytelling rather than products. However, I do want to reduce my unused stash, so I want to pay attention to what products I’m using and be careful about what new products I’m purchasing.

While I was crafting my EQ, I had to keep reminding myself that it isn’t meant to be a set of goals, it’s what I need to accomplish to to feel like I’m doing enough to record my memories. It’s not a limit, either. If I scrap 5 layouts a week some weeks, that’s great! I’ll be satisfied if I consistently scrap a smaller amount, though.

Now that I’ve finished my EQ for memory-keeping for next year, I guess it’s time to think about what’s enough for the other areas of my life.

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