I tend to complicate things. I’ve been known to come up with elaborate systems to try to keep myself organized and the household functioning. My hobbies tend to have lots of tools and supplies – and I have dabbled in many hobbies over the years. My stash of unfinished projects and unused products is embarrassing. I have so much stuff that I can’t keep up with it all. It’s very challenging to keep the house clean, especially since I have two tween boys who are starting to use my things and don’t put away what they take out. It would be much easier if I had less stuff.

Over the past year I’ve made an effort to declutter and simplify in many areas. I’ve been downsizing our possessions, simplifying my routines, and generally trying to make our home and home life run more smoothly. I am drawn to minimalism, but wouldn’t call myself a minimalist (yet, anyway). I admire folks who aspire to a zero-waste lifestyle, but don’t think that I could go to that extreme. I’d like to eat healthier food, clean with healthier products, and use healthier personal care items. I’d like to stock our home with good, basic ingredients and learn to use them to make foods that my family will enjoy eating. I’d like to make more foods rather than buying them.

I’m tired of having too much stuff. I’m tired of spending too much time on unimportant things. I’m tired of things being complicated. I’m happy with some of the changes I’ve made in the past year, and I want to continue making improvements. That’s why I’ve chosen Simple as the word I want to focus on in 2012.

At the risk of making Simple complicated, I signed up for Ali Edwards’ One Little Word class at Big Picture Classes. She’ll be sending out monthly journaling prompts and at the end of the year, I’ll have an album documenting my year with Simple. I’m excited to see where Simple takes me in 2012!

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One Response to Simple

  1. Katie Scott says:

    Hey KateD! We do have lots in common! I read through your last couple posts – Love the SIMPLE concept. And I’ve been drinking soy milk and/or coconut milk in my coffee – love them, I’m pretty sure they are better than the other stuff.

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