Operation Declutter 2012 – week 2

I’m incredibly frustrated with clutter. It seems like I’m constantly surrounded by it – whether it’s dirty dishes in the kitchen, dirty clothes laying around, or all the stuff that just doesn’t seem to make it back where it belongs. After looking at some photos from 10 years ago, I felt better because our home isn’t nearly as cluttered as it used to be. They I really thought about it – it’s not as cluttered because we live in a bigger house now and have an office and game room. We have more stuff than we did back then; we just have the ability to hide it so that we’re not looking at it in our main living areas.

I know that I’m making progress in getting things out of our home and I feel good about that. Sometimes (like now) I feel like I’m not making progress fast enough, though. I feel a “declutter day” coming where I’ll tackle a specific area of the house and spend enough time in that area to make significant progress. Maybe I’ll start with the closet in the craft room/office. Or, possibly the linen closet. Both of these areas need to be decluttered and organized (again) in order to make other decluttering and cleaning easier.

Hopefully I’ll get to one of the bigger projects soon. In the meantime, here are my daily declutterings for the past week:

Day 5 – I emptied out some old sticker/paper holders and repurposed them to use for my 2012 memory-keeping projects. These are the stickers which have been donated to the art teacher at my son’s school.

Days 6 & 7- I finished emptying out the rest of the sticker/paper holders. These will be going to the school the next time I’m there.

Day 8 – Spices/mixes. I had this cute container on the top shelf of my spice cabinet holding a mish-mash of packets that I just never got around to using. I consolidated the Pampered Chef spices into half-empty jars of the same spice; I’ll donate the gravy mixes to the food pantry at church; and I tossed the dip mixes because they were really old and icky. When I took this picture, I was thinking about getting rid of the container, too, but I ended up keeping it. I moved all those little half-sized jars of spices into it and put it back on the top shelf. Now the other spices are much easier to get to. Honestly, what I really need to do is get rid of most of the spices – I really don’t use them. Maybe another day.

Day 9 – This was kind of a hard one for me. I’ve had those Princess House crystal mugs for more than 20 years and I used to really love them. It felt so grown-up to drink out of them. Since I’ve been married, I don’t think I’ve used them more than a dozen times; I’ve been hanging on to them because they’re nice to have when we have lots of folks coming over (which doesn’t happen more than once a year!). I’d much rather have the cabinet space because I’m trying to eliminate storing food down in the basement (other than the emergency stocks). Off they go to the thrift store.

Day 10 – More scrapbooking stuff. These supplies have been sitting on a card table in the “food room” downstairs for months waiting to be sorted and for me to decide if I’m going to donate or attempt to sell on e-bay. I really don’t want to deal with listing and shipping things, so e-bay is out. Maybe I’ll take the good stuff to the thrift store and try to sell it there? Otherwise, they’re going to the art teacher like the stickers. In either case, they’re out of my house.

Day 11 – To the food pantry. I bought these at BJ’s about a year ago when I was using these ingredients to make chili. I don’t tend to put tomato products into the chili anymore, and when I do, I usually just use some leftover sphagetti sauce.

That’s all for this week. I’m happy that my home is just a bit more clutter free 🙂

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