Operation Declutter 2012 – week 3

We’re into our thrid week of the new year and my decluttering is still going strong. By now I’d usually be getting tired of doing something like this, but I’m really motivated by the changes in my home. I haven’t gotten rid of a lot yet, but things seem to be running a lot more smoothly now. I was able to come home from my weekly grocery shopping and put all the food away in my kitchen rather than having to figure out which goes upstairs and which goes downstairs. Oops, I forgot – I haven’t shared my kitchen reorganization with you, yet. In short, I rearranged the kitchen cabinets (getting rid of some stuff in the process) to make room for my pantry items. I’d been grumbling (internally) that I don’t have a real pantry and it finally occured to me that my problem wasn’t too little room, it was having too much stuff. Once I realized that, it was a relatively easy process to go through and get rid of a few things and rearrange others so that I could move my food stores upstairs. Yay!!

Day 12 – Some of the outdated spices & things I tossed during the kitchen organization.

Day 13 – These candles didn’t make the cut, either. I enjoy candles, but I’ve become more aware of possible toxins, and I just don’t know what’s inside these particular candles.

Day 14 – These light strands don’t work, so they didn’t get put away with the rest of the Christmas decorations. Off to the landfill!

Day 15 – My hubby removed this old chandalier-style lamp from the dining room and replaced it with a ceiling light that we won’t keep banging our heads on (and hopefully won’t need to keep replacing its light bulbs). The cat had to investigate 🙂

Day 16 – My second bigger project of the week was to take everything out of the linen closet and go through it all to see what should stay. Some of these items have sentimental value, but we don’t use them anymore so they had just become clutter. Now I have room in the linen closet to put things away. These blankets were donated. I should add that the sheets on top are still here because the whole set wasn’t together. When the sets are clean and together, they will be donated.

Day 17 – More glasses that we just don’t use. We’re not big beer drinkers – and the occasional time we do have some we drink it from the bottle.

Day 18 – This light was over the kitchen sink. It stopped working so it wasn’t much use to us anymore. I may replace it with another light, or I may not. There’s plenty of light in the kitchen without the additional light and I like not having the added cord cluttering up my view of the sink area.

All in all, it was another good week of decluttering! I’m definitely going to keep up with this project! I may change things just a bit, though. I like posting on Wednesdays, but the numbers thing is getting to me. I mean, week 3 should be days 15-21 – it’s taking too much mental energy trying to figure out which days to post. I guess I’ll see what I feel like next week.

Speaking of weeks, I hope you’re having a good one!

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