29 Day Organizing Challenge – Craft Room / Office

I stumbled upon OrgJunkie.com a few days ago, saw their 29 Day Organizational Challenge, and decided that it fits well with one of my short-term goals — get the office/craft room/computer room clean and organized once and for all. One of the main reasons this project has become a priority is that in just a few days we’re going to be adopting a pair of chinchillas who will be taking up residence in the room. Change has to happen and has to happen soon. So I took some “before” pictures and started thinking about how I want the space to function.

I think the basic framework of the room is pretty good, but there are several problems:

Problem 1: I have too much stuff in the room. In the past, I let the stuff dictiate how I would set up the room. To a point, that’s okay, but the room can only hold a certain amount of stuff before it becomes too full. And that room has always been past the point of being too full. I’ve been making steady progress downsizing the amount of stuff in the room, and I think I’m finally ready to make the “big purge”. I need to take a hard look at everything in the room and decide if it’s something that I really want. I’ve been enjoying the declutterd and functional kitchen and want the same feeling in this room. I won’t lie – it’s going to be hard to get rid of enough stuff to get the sense of peace I want for that room. One thing that I’m not going to do is move things to other areas of the house to store. I have some unused scrapbooks in the attic, but that’s the only stuff I’m going to allow myself to store elsewhere. I don’t want to just move my problems to another space.

Problem 2: The room really isn’t set up to function well for multiple uses. We use the space as an office as well as a crafting area, and the boys use both computers to play head-to-head computer games. There is plenty of space in the room and the furniture has the potential to function well for its intended purpose, but we haven’t utilized it well because we’ve never effectively separated the room into zones.

Problem 3: I don’t really like the room, so I don’t want to use it. All the clutter is a big part of why I don’t like to be in the room. Besides that, the room just feels dark. The off-white walls with brown trim and brown carpet contribute to the “dark”, along with the lack of adequate lighting. Once I get the room decluttered and organized, I want to do some decorating. It probably won’t be anything too major, because I’m not sure I’m up for repainting the whole room (since that would involve a lot of furniture moving). I would like to paint the dark trim and do something with the ceiling, though. Eventually we’re planning to replace the carpet with either wood or nice tiles; when we do that, I may paint the walls. I don’t think that’s going to happen this month, though.

My vision:

I want a room that is comfortable and functional, a place that we can have fun hanging out together as a family. I’d like the room itself to hold the things we use on a regular basis and use the closet to store tools I don’t use as often as well as projects I’m not currently working on. Ideally, everything in the room and closet should be relatively easy to access (no moving a lot of stuff around to get something out).

These are the judging criteria for the contest:

Overall Transformation – A well organized, uncluttered, clearly defined and efficient space that lends itself to easy maintenance.

Creative Use of Space – Using creative solutions to allow you to maximize your space and create zones in a new and manageable way.

Storage Solutions that Work – Using storage solutions that allow you to establish boundaries and limits and contain “like with like”.

Overall Personal Experience – The process that got you to the uncluttered space mentally and physically.

And here’s what I’m starting with:

You know, it doesn’t look quite as bad in the photos as it does in person. Trust me, it’s bad. Wish me luck!!

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5 Responses to 29 Day Organizing Challenge – Craft Room / Office

  1. jveenis says:

    good luck, looking forward to seeing the end results

  2. Good luck! I’m doing the challenge too and I cant wait to see your end results!

  3. Hi Kate! I’m trying to decide hether or not to tackle my basement which also has 90% of my scrapbook supplies. I see you are in MMEW too! Good luck ith your craft space. It just looks as though it needs a good purge. I’m going to link your blog on mine so I can keep track of your progress.

    • Kate says:

      You’re exactly right, Alana! I took just about everything out of the room, and I’m only putting back the things I want to keep. I’m just about done putting things back and the room is much emptier – and much nicer to spend time in 🙂

  4. Lisa says:


    I’m a crafter too! I am looking forward to what you do with this space! I am tackling the basement storage room {and my past crafts} 🙂

    I can’t wait to see your progress!


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